Apr 4, 2021 • 27M

The Product Person: Lenny Rachitsky (full interview)

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Today, I’m giving away a full PM News interview for free :)

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PM News Interview w/ Lenny Rachitsky

A few months ago, I interviewed Lenny Rachitsky as part of my interview series, PM News.

Some background on Lenny:

  • He started a company that was acquired by Airbnb in 2012.

  • He spent 7 years at Airbnb as a PM and Product Lead.

  • He now writes, invests, and advises via his newsletter, Lenny’s Newsletter.

In the interview we talked about a lot, including:

  • 🌱 The 4 pillars of product growth

  • ⚡️ How he led his team to improve Airbnb’s instant bookings by over 100x

  • 🛠 Key product skills to have as a PM

Today, I decided to release the full video + audio + transcript to this interview for free to readers of The Product Person :)

Here’s my full 29 min interview with Lenny, enjoy: (link)

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