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4 key tips to product presentations

Insight from Agile Insider on Medium

  1. Tell your customer’s story

    People remember stories.
    Use the classic story model:
    The hero → The user
    The villain → Their problem

    Setup → Conflict → Resolution
    Your story? Helping the hero slay the villain.

  2. Keep it short and concise

    Leave out unneeded details.
    Know your audience and their goals.
    Answer domain specific questions at the end.
    Tip: Add an FAQ part at the end.

  3. Use visuals

    People prefer pictures.
    Pictures convey more than text.
    Assume no one wants to read.

  4. Use analogies

    Analogies break down hard concepts.
    Use them often.

  5. (Bonus) Address F.U.D. early

    Point out any fear, uncertainty, and doubt.
    Address them in the presentation.
    You’ll win the audience over.

Here’s a masterful 17-min example of Elon Musk presenting Tesla Energy in 2015.

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