🛠Finding your first PM role - Product Person #51

Hey product people, we’re doing things a bit different this week.

In my 2nd newsletter (pm.news) I interview some of the best product people in the business. I started it 1) so that I can learn from them and 2) share their best insights with you all.

So far, I’ve interviewed a dozen folks. There are so many gems in every interview.

Here are a couple of snippets (14 total) on finding your 1st PM role:

(Whether you’re early in your career or want to transition from another role, these insights should be helpful for you)

Is PM right for you? 🛠️

feat. Rohan (ex-Linkedin PM), Tina (ex-Faire PM), Sanil (Microsoft PM)

⭐ Tradeoffs in becoming a PM - Sanil - 1m 6s - (link)

⭐ Getting into product for the right reasons - Rohan - 1m 37s - (link)

Understanding different industries - Tina - 46s - (link)

Working at the right company that fits your goals - Sanil - 52s - (link)

Setting the stage for becoming a PM 💃

feat. Rohan (ex-Linkedin PM), Tina (ex-Faire PM), Ada (Shuffle CEO, ex-Coinbase PM)

⭐ Breaking into PM - two steps - Rohan - 1m 19s - (link)

⭐ Becoming a PM as someone already in tech - Rohan - 1m 44s - (link)

Getting your first product job - Tina - 46s - (link)

Why you should learn sales - Ada - 35s - (link)

Concrete tips to becoming a PM 🎙️

feat. Rohan (ex-Linkedin PM) and Tina (ex-Faire PM)

⭐ Cold emails tip #1 - Tina - 18s - (link)

⭐ Cold email tip #2 - Tina - 38s - (link)

⭐ Gaining leverage in your application - Rohan - 32s - (link)

Build, don’t be shy of putting yourself out there - Rohan - 37s - (link)

⭐ How to start building your content - Rohan - 47s - (link)

Benefits of building out content - Rohan - 42s - (link)

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(So far I’ve interviewed folks like Lenny, Chris Messina, and Ryan Hoover!)

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We also practice product skills weekly through a product contest! Last week saw a bunch of great submissions including this gem from Shay!

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