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Author and entrepreneur James Clear on the value of small:

"When struggling to start, work on a smaller part. When struggling to finish, ship a smaller whole."

1 Article

In January 2003, 37Signals (now Basecamp) was a web design firm looking to launch their first product.

The interesting part? It wasn’t software, but an ebook.

That year, they released a report called “Evaluating 25 E-Commerce Search Engines”. It was 45 pages long and sold for $79.

Why this is important:

The Basecamp team gained lots of insights from selling a product. And, they spent less time and effort than they would have if they built a huge web app at the start.

Ship small. Learn fast. Then, iterate based on what you learn.

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1 Question

That product you want build, what’s the smallest version of it that you can ship?

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