🛠️ The Product Person #26: Clarity

How to be clearer when talking about your product (4 tips) -- 3 min read

Hey product people!

Today, I talk about how to be clear and get to the point when talking about your product.

Let’s get to it.

Clarity means making your message easy to understand.

If you can’t communicate the value of your product, then how will anyone know its useful?

Here are a four tips to making your messaging clearer.

1) Get to your point

Figure out what’s the main purpose of what you’re trying to say. Then get to that purpose in the shortest route possible.

2) Keep people engaged

If you must say a lot, then don’t lose your audience along the way to your point.

Keep them engaged by leaving relevant landmarks along the way to your destination.

3) Avoid generic descriptions

Avoid abstract language and generic descriptions.

To make the abstract concrete, use:

  • Case studies

  • Customer stories

  • Usage examples

Using metaphors also help.

4) Simplify your words

Make your message easy to digest, like a smoothie.

Long sentences are tiring to the eyes. And difficult words make readers stumble. So avoid using them.

Here are some additional concise writing tips:

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