🛠️ The Product Person #22: How To Write Great Microcopy

⚡5 non obvious pro tips on writing microcopy

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Putting all 40 tips in an email would have been ridiculous.

So I just chose 5 non-obvious tips.

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#9. Use the passive voice (sometimes)

It has its place.

Use it when the action is more important than what caused (subject) the action.

#30. Use the constructive feedback model

Empower the user.

If they can have new abilities, emphasize it. → “Yes, and…”

If they can’t do something, tell them why and how they can fix it. → “No, because…”

#3. Create a microcopy framework

To ensure your wording stays consistent, create a doc for you and your team that houses your most common words.

Get everyone singing the same song.

#33. Pair visuals with words

The right visuals paired with the right words emphasize the message.

#40. Think: “How can I improve your life?”

No one cares about what you can do. They only care about what you can do for them.

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