🛠️ The Product Person #13 - Questions To Ask Your Users

14 great questions that you can use when talking to your customers.

🔍 The Short Version

I’m a solo founder, so I use these 3 questions when talking to readers and customers because they’re straightforward and the answers produce great insights in one shot:

🕵️ The Long Version

I came across these 11 questions Brian Casel (@CasJam) uses when talking to users. These questions are great because they dive in your users’ whys —Why they’re using your product, why your product and not an alternative, etc.

  1. Tell me what your business does?

  2. What does your team look like? What’s your role?

  3. How did you come across (my product)?

  4. What’s been happening lately that led you to search for a product like this?

  5. How have you been handling that (issue or pain) up until now?

  6. How are you using that current solution? What’s working well? How does it fall short? Why are you seeking an alternative?

  7. How much are you currently paying for that solution?

  8. What is it about (my product) that’s most interesting to you?

  9. What would it take for you to switch to (my product)?

  10. What do you think about the pricing for (my product)?

  11. What questions do you have about (my product)?

🖇️ You can find Brian’s reasoning behind each question in his neat blog post, here.

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