🛠️ The Product Person #10

10 years of marketing lessons in 1 tweet. Written by Kyle Tibbit, Head of Brand at Opendoor

While doing my usual twitter browsing, I spotted a tweetstorm by a man summarizing his 10 years of marketing lessons. That man is Kyle Tibbit (@KyleTibbitts), the Head of Brand at Opendoor. It’s about 30 tweets long but today I’m sharing my favorite 6 tweets from his thread.

1️⃣ Distribution is 🔑

2️⃣ Buying ads = cosmetic surgery 💅

3️⃣ Make your messaging simple & inspiring ✨

4️⃣ No mouth, all ears 👂

5️⃣ Aim for the heart, after the head ❤️

6️⃣ The customer & your promise 🔐

📝  These were my 6 favorite lessons from Kyle’s tweet thread. He turned the tweetstorm into a Medium post that you can find here. It’s super insightful.

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